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the case against fluoride paul connett phd

Easy to read text book by biochemist

The Fluoride Deception

Christopher Bryson

Fluoridation of water has been used for the prevention of tooth decay for over fifty years.

During this time little research has been done to ascertain whether it works.

The chemicals used are classified as toxic industrial waste, yet no proper randomized controlled study has ever been conducted into their safety for human consumption in the US, England, Australia, Ireland or New Zealand as of 2015.

{Update: The National Toxicology Program is only just this year begun proper testing of the neurotoxicity of water fluoridation]

At the same time, research has uncovered serious side effects including deaths, cancer, skeletal fluorosis, osteoporosis, dementia, lowered IQ, kidney damage and even increased dental decay.

Strongly opposed throughout the world, water fluoridation is far less widely accepted than its proponents would have us believe. Only two percent of the people of Western Europe have their water fluoridated - almost all of them within Britain and Ireland.

Despite all this, the dental organizations lobby governments to compel everyone to ingest fluoride, whether they want it or not and without regard to possible harm.

The vast majority of dentists maintain that fluoride is not debatable. However Barry Groves has assembled evidence to refute every single argument made by the dental establishment in favour of fluoridation.

His book is particularly timely as the issue of fluoridation enters the political area once again in both Britain and Ireland. 

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