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The Cochrane 2015 Review on Water Fluoridation: their conclusions? The current available studies are

Be sure to read the Author's Conclusions:


“There is very little contemporary evidence … that has evaluated the effectiveness of water fluoridation for the prevention of caries."

"There is insufficient evidence to determine whether water fluoridation results in a change in disparities in caries levels across SES (Social Economic Status)."

"We did not identify any evidence ... to determine the effectiveness of water fluoridation for preventing caries in adults."

"There is insufficient information to determine the effect on caries levels of stopping water fluoridation programmes.e. There is a significant association between dental fluorosis (of aesthetic concern or all levels of dental fluorosis) and fluoride level. The evidence is limited due to high risk of bias within the studies and substantial between-study variation.”

#neurotoxinsinourwater #fluorideisaneurotoxin #toxicwasteproduct #nofluorideadditives

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