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Medicaid Redesign Team Redesigns the Scientific Method

I am outraged that there are people who want to use precious Medicaid funds to fund an unproven, ill advised fluoridation program, that ends up hurting the very people it is supposed to help.

According to the National Academies of Science 2006 we should be lowering the maximum safe limit of fluoride due to legitimate concerns around adverse health effects.

According to the Cochrane Review, 2015, there is insufficient evidence to show that water fluoride actually reduces tooth decay in the poor more than the affluent, and there's considerable evidence that shows that fluoride causes "cosmetic" dental fluorosis. African American kids are effected at a whopping 58% with some with moderate levels of fluorosis, which is brown staining and pitted enamel.

Please join me in writing to the Medicaid Redesign Team at to let them know that we do not want either our tax dollars or money taken away from valid and worthwhile programs for the poor on medicaid.

#medicaid #fluoride #nofluoride

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