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US: Richest Nation on Earth. We spend more money per person on health yet we have shorter lives and

For many years, Americans have been dying at younger ages than people in almost all other high-income countries according to the IOM report on the state of US health as compared to other wealthy countries.

"This disadvantage has been getting worse for three decades, especially among women.

"Not only are their lives shorter, but Americans also have a longstanding pattern of poorer health that is strikingly consistent and pervasive over the life course—at birth, during childhood and adolescence, or young and middle-aged adults, and for older adults.

The U.S. health disadvantage spans many types of illness and injury.

When compared with the average of peer countries, Americans as a group fare worse in at least nine health areas: these 7 are all effected by endocrine and neurological disorders:

1. infant mortality and low birth weight

2. injuries and homicides

3. HIV and AIDS

4. obesity and diabetes

5. heart disease

6. chronic lung disease

7. disability

This is outrageous considering we are purported to have the best physicians in the world, and the most wealthy.

Why are we adding a neuro-toxic-endocrine disrupter to our drinking water supply when we know it's playing with fire?

#IOM #fluoride #nofluoride

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