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ADA admits to lack of safety evidence regarding drinking fluoridation chemicals

ADA request for further safety evidence on Fluoride

Several years ago the ADA recommended that the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research "carry out three new studies related to fluoridated water"

The three studies main focus?

how fluoride metabolism is influenced by demographics,

how those with kidney function and/or diabetes are effected by drinking water and

total fluoride intake from all sources.

Did the NIDCR do any of their own research?

A search reveals no studies on the above but it did come up with the following update regarding pregnant women using fluoride tablets: "Findings Suggest Fluoride Supplements During Pregnancy Provide Little or No Benefit"

This report can be found at the NIDCR webpage

#ADA #fluoride #NICDR #research #neonatalfluoride

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