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New research shows how fluoride can effect the immune system: via the spleen

Recent research from Chinese scientists using both test-tube and the animal model, show that fluoride can fatally damage cells in the spleen, one of our organs responsible for maintaining a healthy immune system.

As the "largest peripheral lymphatic organ", the spleen contains about one-fourth of the body’s lymphocytes and initiates immune responses."

According to the researchers, treatment with sodium fluoride increased lymphocytes apoptosis, the programmed death of cells in the lymphatic system.

Various proteins were measured for an increase in expression levels: the more proteins produced, the greater the system is disrupted, and the greater number of spleen cells 'programmed' to die prematurely.

This ties in with results from the systematic review findings of the National Academies of Science, 2006 Fluoride in Drinking Water. The recommendations by this group regarding fluoride and the immune system are as follows:

1. Epidemiologic studies should be carried out to determine whether there is a higher prevalence of hypersensitivity reactions - hypersensitive subjects could then be selected to test, by means of double-blinded randomized clinical trials, which fluoride chemicals can cause hypersensitivity.

2. In addition, studies could be conducted to determine what percentage of immunocompromised subjects have adverse reactions when exposed to fluoride in the range of 1-4 mg/L in drinking water.

3. More research is needed on the immunotoxic effects of fluoride in animals and humans to determine if fluoride accumulation can influence immune function.

4. It is paramount that careful biochemical studies be conducted to determine what fluoride concentrations occur in the bone and surrounding interstitial fluids from exposure to fluoride in drinking water at up to 4 mg/L, because bone marrow is the source of the progenitors that produce the immune system cells.

Note: although this important study was published in the US by US and Canadian experts, no double-blind randomized trials on fluoride and toxicity have been conducted in the US to this date. The only randomly controlled trial involving the ingestion of fluoride is a pilot study investigating the role of exercise and the elimination of fluoride.

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