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Water groups to the EPA Heads-up! Stop ignoring the bad effects of drinking fluoridated water!

The EPA has just rejected a request to do their job - make it illegal for anyone to add hexafluorosilicic acid or any other fluorides - to drinking water. The EPA continue to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the fact that by adding a chemical to the water without informed concent many rules are being violated. The Safe Drinking Water Act prohibits making States add any chemical that is not solely used to improve the safety of the drinking water. We don't want to be medicated via our drinking water for good reason. Yes it would be great if it was in the water anyway and it actually did what it was supposed to do, but it doesn't do it effectively, efficiently or even ethically. Fluoride chemicals are obtained from the phosphate fertilizer industry and are cheap because they are waste products with lead and arsenic (and other) contaminants.

The EPA (officials, not the researchers) believe that fluoride is perfectly safe for everyone- regardless of race, social economic status, sex, age and health status.

They believe it not because they have done proper studies making sure that all types of people young and old, healthy and sick, don't have any adverse reactions to fluoride ingestion, even after 70 years of ingesting!  Our health outcomes are one of the poorest of all the first world countries- nothing to boast about as we spend more money per person as well!! So why are we such a nation with increasing levels of tooth decay? losing our teeth at a greater rate than England even? They fluoridate less than we do... !

The group suing the EPA are not surprised that the EPA continues to ignore the evidence . The EPA has been ignoring recommendations to reduce the max safe level of fluoride for over 10 years. The recommendation was from the National research council 2006 report, a report that was completed at a request by the same EPA that is ignoring the research. We look forward to seeing the EPA in court, although by the time 45 has finished with them, there may not be any EPA left.... 

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