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Women's History Month: Dr Phyllis Mullenix Neurotoxicologist

This neurotoxicologist is a pioneer - in industrial toxicology and in the toxicity of fluorides. She paid a high price for publishing her seminal work called "The Neurotoxicity of Sodium Fluoride in Rats" because she has the audacity to publish her work while working for a dental center. Her original work was funded by various industrial giants such as Mansanto, Amoco, Mobil, Warner Lambert, Colgate Palmolive, and Lever Brothers.

She made dental history by heading up the very first toxicology department of a dental center in the US. 

She made behavioral neurotoxicity history by help producing the first objective measure of behavioral changes in animal models using computer 

She made dental history by being one of the first to show proof that fluoride (at similar levels found in blood of US human consumers) will cross the blood-brain barrier and cause behavioral changes.

Neurotoxicity of NaF in rats 

We need to honor this brave and honorable scientist who chose to publish her findings rather than tow the party line.


The dental center has conveniently refrained from mentioning her contributions to dental toxicology- shame on them : 

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