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The Hidden Dangers of Fluoride Ingestion

The Geeks Against Fluoridation 

Dentists will tell you about dental fluorosis - a direct and visible result of ingesting too much fluoride at a critical stage of childhood growth.

Dentists can estimate the cost of repair using veneers but there is no cure - no reversal of damage that we know of. 

Dental Fluorosis is visible - skeletal fluorosis is not. 

Damage caused by fluoride in the teeth ranges from slight to severe, and now occurs in at least 41% of all school aged children and in at least 58% of black kids. 

Moderate to severe forms of dental fluorosis has nearly tripled since fluoridation programs have been initiated across the country and latest results from the CDC indicate it might be as high as 20% in school aged children.

Increased risk of visible fluorosis of teeth is the main reason the US HHS (Health and Human Services) recently dropped its recommended max level from 1.2 parts per million down to 0.7 ppm. 

So if you drink the recommended amount of tap water per day of 2 liters or 8x8 rule of eight 8-ounce glasses of fluoridated liquid you will be having a daily dose of 1.4 mg per day. 

About half of that remains in your body, and most of that goes to your skeleton.

Using a PET scan: a volunteer drinks the radioactive form of Sodium Fluoride - F-18 - to demonstrate where small amounts of fluoride will tend to accumulate in the body.

The danger of a lifetime ingestion of fluoridation chemicals is that we don't see mild to moderate skeletal fluorosis. Severe skeletal fluorosis is easier to detect, and although rare it has been seen in the US population.

But if your mother is complaining of joint pain, or your auntie has just had another fall and suffered a hip fracture, mild to moderate forms of skeletal fluorosis will not likely be picked up by X-ray or MRI unless F-18 is used as a contrast, and that's not done unless cancer is suspected.

Skeletal fluorosis can also cause arthritic joint pain.

So what's your Daily Dose of Fluoride?

For more info on 

Fluoride and Fractures

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