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NYC rates high in taste test but what about safety?

New York City tap water rates high in taste tests but how safe is it? You thought that question was settled? Think again. Lead in tap water is all over the news but what about our daily dose of the chemical hexafluorosilicic acid (fluoride), purported to reduce tooth decay? Is this leftover relic of World War II, an industrial by-product and proven neurotoxin, working for our teeth? Several decades later, “in uncontrollable doses and without our informed consent,” the evidence against it is overwhelming. What is the latest science on its effect on our health?  

Join us for a free screening of the new documentary film Our Daily Dose, by award winning director Jeremy Seifert. Screening to be followed by discussion with Professors Kevin Kolack, Chemistry, and Dr. Gerald Curatola, Dentistry, who will answer these questions and more. You can register your interest at:

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